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14mm Matrix Perc Ash Catcher on 45 Angle [ACH-023-45-14]

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  • Brand: Skygate
  • Product Code: ACH-023-45-14
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14mm Matrix Perc Ash Catcher on 45 Angle [ACH-023-45-14]

Upgrade your smoking experience with the 14mm Matrix Perc Ash Catcher on a 45-degree angle. This premium ash catcher is designed to provide cleaner and smoother hits while keeping your water pipe free from debris.

Featuring a 14mm joint size, this ash catcher is compatible with most water pipes, allowing for easy installation. The matrix perc design includes finely crafted diffusion holes that effectively filter and cool the smoke, delivering a smoother and more enjoyable smoking session.

The 45-degree angle offers convenient attachment to your water pipe without obstructing your smoking experience. It ensures a comfortable fit and helps prevent ash and debris from entering your water pipe, keeping it cleaner for longer.

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