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Raw Etheral Rolling Papers King Size - 50ct Display

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  • Brand: RAW
  • Product Code: RAW-PAP-KSSLIM-ETHER-BX50
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  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Raw Etheral Rolling Papers King Size - 50ct Display

Skygate Wholesale is excited to offer the 'RAW Etheral Rolling Papers King Size - 50ct Display', catering to those who prefer a larger canvas for their herbal blends. These king-size rolling papers are a testament to RAW's commitment to quality and sustainability, providing an unmatched smoking experience. Each paper is crafted from natural, unbleached plant fibers, ensuring a pure and slow burn that accentuates the natural flavors of your herbs. The 50-count display is perfect for retailers looking to attract discerning smokers who demand the best in their rolling papers. RAW Etheral's king-size papers are designed for those who appreciate the ritual of rolling and the pleasure of smoking without any additives or harmful chemicals. Offer your customers the pinnacle of natural smoking accessories with RAW Etheral King Size Rolling Papers, now available in a convenient 50ct display exclusively at Skygate Wholesale.

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