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Powermatic 5 Cigarette Injector Machine


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The most user-friendly Powermatic electronic cigarette injector has a new member: Powermatic V+. The Powermatic V+ has been engineered with the auto tube loading and the powerful tobacco processing gear. It is the most complete tobacco injector in the Powermatic family. Powermatic V+ can prepare the tobacco and load the tubes by just simply pressing the button. It ensures the absolute ease of use and efficiency when making your own cigarettes. 

This unique designed Tobacco Preparation Gear makes PM-V+ work friendly with the most tobacco brands. It can cut the long, shaggy tobacco into the cigarette size tobacco, and drop evenly into the injection chamber and make the quality cigarettes, reduce the jam and incomplete fill.

With the Powermatic V+, it has an integrated tube container auto loads the cigarette tubes. The smooth motion vibrating system aligns the tubes with each filling and delivers the tube to the injection nozzle. Auto tube loading is designed for King Size Tubes. You can fill the 100mm or King Size tubes manually by lifting the tube chamber lid.

It has a handy display. There are three options to choose the density you prefer by pushing the left button under the display. The counter can be reset after each use by pushing the right button. You know exactly how many cigarettes you have made each time.

Three fingers tobacco compression pusher is installed inside the tobacco hopper. The pusher compresses the tobacco evenly and grabbed before injection. It is a key for a quality filling and no difference to the cigarettes that you buy in the store.

The black rubber sensor on the tube holder can detect  whether the tube has been successfully inserted on the nozzle before starting the injection. If the tube misses the nozzle, the injection will stop. Remove any crumpled tubes, press the START to continue.

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