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LOOKAH Guitar 510 Thread Vape Battery

LOOKAH Guitar 510 Thread Vape Battery

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LOOKAH Guitar 510 Thread Vape Battery

The LookahGuitar Mini 510-Thread Battery is a revolutionary addition to the vaping scene, designed specifically for music enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of style. This mini vape battery is engineered not only to offer a robust vaping experience but also to double as a fashion statement with its guitar-shaped design.

This device features a 350mAh battery and provides three adjustable voltage settings (3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V), each indicated by a unique LED color—blue, purple, and white—allowing you to customize your vaping experience for optimal flavor and vapor production.
The battery's charge level is easily monitored thanks to four power LEDs that display the remaining battery life in 25% increments. It also includes a Type-C USB port with pass-through charging functionality, enabling use even while charging.

Operating the Guitar Mini is straightforward: a single button controls power and voltage adjustments, ensuring a hassle-free experience. For added convenience, it comes with a lanyard clip for easy portability.

Included in the package is the Guitar Vape Battery itself, promising a blend of performance, convenience, and style, perfect for those who want to vape in style.

Here’s how to use it:
Turning the Device On: Quickly press the power button five times within two seconds. The LED will flash, indicating the device is active.
Adjusting Voltage: Press the power button twice within 0.8 seconds to switch between voltage settings:
Green LED for 3.4V
Blue LED for 3.7V
White LED for 4.0V

Vaping: Press and hold the power button, inhale from the cartridge’s mouthpiece, and enjoy.
The LOOKAH Guitar 510 Vape Battery combines artistic design with practical functionality, making it an excellent choice for vaping aficionados looking for a portable and stylish solution.

Compact and ergonomic, it fits comfortably in your hand, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Attach your favorite 510-thread vape cartridge to the guitar-shaped battery, and you're ready to enjoy its full potential, making it a great accessory for concerts or social gatherings.

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