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Dr. Buzzkill - Doc Cotton Swabs - 30 Count Travel 6/Pack

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  • Brand: Dr. Buzzkill
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Dr. Buzzkill - Doc Cotton Swabs - 30 Count Travel 6/Pack

Dr. Buzzkill's Dab Swabs, also known as Doc Swabs, are the ideal solution for Quartz Banger maintenance, assuring a clean quartz banger even when you're on the go. These swabs are made of 100% pure cotton and bamboo, and they include solid bamboo sticks that make them extremely trustworthy! These Dr. Buzzkill Dab Swabs Travel Pack are conveniently packaged in a portable box and can easily fit into your pocket, bag, or rig case! Overheating your quartz banger with leftover residue causes a foggy look, which affects taste and durability. Even after low-temperature dabs, regular cleaning is essential to avoid accumulation, which reduces the banger's lifespan and flavor.

Dr. Buzzkills Doc Swabs excel in precision cleaning, reaching difficult locations with pointed tips and providing maneuverability thanks to their robust bamboo sticks. Regularly using these dab wipes after sessions substantially increases the longevity of your banger! Dr. Buzzkill, a respected member of the prestigious Relegated Renegades, contributes unparalleled knowledge to the field of clean, refreshing products. He recognizes the value of keeping things fresh and clean, even when confronted with unexpected meetings.

There are some 'buzzes' that we could all do without, and Dr. Buzzkill is our go-to expert for eliminating these party pests.

Got a lingering smoke odor? Dr. Buzzkill arrives with an air freshener, which eliminates the odor. Is your pipe caked with residue? Fear not, the doctor has his trusted 'White Glove Pipe Cleaner' to remove it. What about the infamous cotton mouth? Dr. Buzzkill removes it with his miraculous 'Cotton Mouth Killers'. He is certainly our unsung hero for sustaining the pleasure while keeping everything fresh and tidy! 


  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Bamboo Stick
  • 30 Countx6pk


  • One Rounded Extra Absorbent End & One Pointed End for Cleaning 
  • Plastic Hinged Tub
  • Durable Bamboo Stem

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