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Clipper Reuseable Lighters - Skulls Fire - 48ct Display + 5ct Free

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  • Brand: CLIPPER
  • Product Code: CCL48-SKF
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Ignite your passion with the Clipper Reusable Lighters - Skulls Fire edition, a daring collection that combines edgy aesthetics with environmental consciousness. This exclusive offer includes a 48-count display plus an additional 5 lighters for free, making it a perfect choice for retailers aiming to attract customers with a penchant for bold, statement-making accessories. Each lighter in the Skulls Fire series features a striking skull design set against a fiery backdrop, embodying a spirit of rebellion and freedom. Beyond their eye-catching appearance, these lighters are refillable and feature a replaceable flint, aligning with Clipper's commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. Whether for personal use or as a standout retail product, the Skulls Fire lighters offer both style and substance.

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