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9.5" AFM Hot Rod Charlie Glass Dab Rig*

9.5" AFM Hot Rod Charlie Glass Dab Rig*

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  • Brand: AFM GLASS
  • Product Code: M003
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  • Availability: 49

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9.5" AFM Hot Rod Charlie Glass Dab Rig*

Skygate Wholesale proudly presents the 9.5-inch AFM Hot Rod Charlie Glass Dab Rig, a premium choice for dabbing connoisseurs. This rig, crafted by the renowned AFM, stands out with its exceptional design and performance. The Hot Rod Charlie model features a sleek, modern aesthetic, making it a visually striking addition to any collection. Engineered for optimal functionality, it offers smooth and flavorful hits, thanks to its high-quality glass construction and expertly designed percolation system. The size of this dab rig is perfect for those who appreciate a balance between substantial vapor production and ease of handling. Ideal for both experienced users and newcomers to dabbing, the AFM Hot Rod Charlie Glass Dab Rig promises a top-tier dabbing experience, combining style, efficiency, and durability, exclusively available at Skygate Wholesale.

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