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3.5" Gold Fumed Frit Head/Mouth Hand Pipe - 2Pk [RJA98]

3.5" Gold Fumed Frit Head/Mouth Hand Pipe - 2Pk [RJA98]

Skygate Wholesale is proud to introduce the 3.5-inch Gold Fumed Frit Head/Mouth Hand Pipes, now available in a convenient 2-Pack. These handcrafted pipes are a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of our glassblowers, featuring a distinctive gold fumed finish that enhances their visual appeal and smoking experience. The frit design, with its textured, colorful patterns, adds a unique touch to each pipe, making them not only a tool for smoking but also a piece of art. The head/mouth design of these pipes is not just for aesthetics; it also provides a comfortable grip and an enjoyable smoking session. Perfect for both collectors and enthusiasts alike, these pipes are designed to stand out in any collection. Each pack offers two hand pipes, allowing you to enjoy or share this exceptional smoking accessory, exclusively available at Skygate Wholesale.

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