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18" AFM City Beaker Bong Bundle

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18" AFM City Beaker Bong Bundle

Embrace the boldness of the and show your football pride with the AFM Glass 18" Football Beaker Bong Bundle. Crafted to capture the essence of the, this bundle is more than just a smoking accessory it's a statement.


Touchdown Aesthetics: Adorned with a captivating decal inspired by the intensity, this 18" beaker lets you celebrate every victory, big or small, with each inhale.

Complete Huddle Package: Your bundle includes not just the beaker but also a matching bowl and downstem a trio designed to elevate your smoking experience to championship levels.

Why Choose the New York Football Beaker Bundle?

Built for the Concrete Jungle: Crafted with premium materials, this beaker ensures durability that matches the toughness.

Iconic Team Design: Stand out from the crowd with a bong that showcases your team loyalty and the spirit of the city.

Urban Elegance: Enjoy hits as bold and dynamic as the city skyline, making every session an homage to the hustle and bustle.

Limited Edition, Maximum Impact: This Football Beaker Bong Bundle is a limited edition release, encapsulating the energy of the city in every piece. Secure yours now to make your smoke sessions an iconic celebration!

Order Now and Light Up the Concrete Jungle: Visit and grab your 18" Football Beaker Bong Bundle. Ignite the spirit and let your smoke rise as high as the city skyscrapers!

Disclaimer: Skygate Wholesa and AFM Glass is not affiliated with any sports teams or landmarks. This product is designed for entertainment purposes only. Smoke responsibly.

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