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14mm Dicro Mini Spire Gripster Bowl [BL559]

14mm Dicro Mini Spire Gripster Bowl [BL559]

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  • Brand: Skygate
  • Product Code: BL559
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  • Availability: 416

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31 Black
25 Bronze
31 Carmine
33 Dark Blue
28 Green
42 Light Blue
33 Milky Blue
37 Navy Blue
39 Orange
43 Red
33 Sea Green
41 Yellow

14mm Dicro Mini Spire Gripster Bowl [BL559]

Skygate Wholesale proudly presents the 14mm Dicro Mini Spire Gripster Bowl, a masterpiece of design intricacy and functional brilliance. Boasting a dichroic glass technique that reflects a myriad of colors, this bowl is truly a visual delight. The spire-inspired design coupled with its ergonomic gripster feature ensures a comfortable hold without compromising on style. For those who appreciate the fine interplay of art and utility, the Dicro Mini Spire Gripster Bowl is a celebration of both, making it a prized addition to any collection.

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