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18" Tree Perc Inline Water Pipe [WP-2277]

18" Tree Perc Inline Water Pipe [WP-2277]

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18" Tree Perc Inline Water Pipe [WP-2277]

Skygate Wholesale proudly presents the 18" Tree Perc Inline Water Pipe, a marvel of modern smoking apparatus designed for those who seek excellence in their smoking experience. This towering 18-inch glass piece features a masterful combination of a tree percolator and an inline diffuser, meticulously working together to cool and cleanse smoke, delivering hits that are both potent and smooth. The clear, high-quality borosilicate glass construction not only ensures durability but also allows users to witness the captivating cascade of bubbles during use, adding a visual thrill to the session. Its sizable stature is matched by its performance, offering a generous chamber for voluminous pulls, while the sturdy base ensures stability. This water pipe is a testament to Skygate's commitment to providing exceptional smoking tools that blend functionality, beauty, and the purest smoking experiences.

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